GG8 Transforms
the Athletic
Journey for Many

When a team’s game film is processed in the GG8 TouchLynk™ system, good things start to happen for many different groups of people. Youth athletes and the people who support their journey benefit from the Objectivity, Simplicity, and Opportunity GG8 offers.



  • Their current skillsets and performance recognized with unbiased objectivity
  • Clearly identified strengths and developmental focuses
  • Opens doors to skill improvements and new teams that were previously unknown
  • Fun and gamification of the athletic journey with their objective results


  • Unbiased, objective evaluation and feedback of child’s current state and future opportunities
  • Supportive environment with enhanced communication
  • Defined development path with training options and potential destinations
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Clubs, Leagues, Associations, Federations

  • Consistent databased athlete evaluations
  • Easily identifiable gaps and opportunities in player skillsets individually and as a team
  • Robust ecosystem of simple shared tools that offers multiple solutions and opportunities


  • Unbiased skill and performance evaluation results both reinforce and add to the coaches’ subjective and experienced eye
  • Overcome time constraints; help coach the player as well as the team with developmental plans, highlights, and objective insights accessible

  • Build the best team with the best players in the best positions
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Scouts, Universities, Evaluators

  • A global database of athletes in a single virtual location
  • Unbiased consistency in evaluation provided by the unprejudiced AI algorithms
  • Match the right athletes with the right opportunities
  • Scout remotely with increased reach without the need for physical travel
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