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14Ten Sports Inc, Parent Company of GG8 Sports LLC, Acquires TouchLynk™ Group LLC


14Ten Sports has acquired Michigan-based sports analytic company TouchLynk™ Group LLC to complement the GG8 Sports youth sports data arm of their organization. TouchLynk™ is a sports analytics business created to provide statistical analysis to athletes of all ages at an affordable price.

Golden Gate (GG8) Sports is a global sports data company that uses video, objective stats, and data insights to develop youth athletes and their teams just like the pros. Athletes, coaches, and their teams receive an objective evaluation of their skill and performance. Currently supporting soccer/football with plans to expand to other sports verticals.

Part of the TouchLynk™ acquisition is an established data center that processes game film. This data center generates objective skill & performance data outputs that are linked to an athlete and team performance and their specific video highlight.

Alongside the data generation component of the acquisition is the actual TouchLynk™ software itself. Renamed ‘GG8 TouchLynk™’, the software fits the ethos of GG8 in that it is focused intently on serving the youth athlete’s development and helping them seize their athletic opportunities.


“Kids at all levels of soccer, from grassroots to the most competitive, want to be the best player they can be, playing on the best teams they can play on,” shares Craig Pettigrew, CEO, GG8 Sports. “We are committed to serving these kids that want their shot at being their best. The Player Rating number we will generate and all the other individual and team objective skill and performance data insights that GG8 TouchLynk™ provides accomplish just that. And the GG8 TouchLynk™ software is exactly what we were looking for to deliver game highlights to the athletes that can help them improve with each game played”.

TouchLynk™ has been a successful, well-run company serving customers mainly in the northern hemisphere of the United States. Being on the smaller side, this acquisition is a perfect marriage of an active, ready-made product with a limited geographic reach with a company like GG8 Sports that has a global presence and can serve a more significant number of youth athletes, coaches, teams, and leagues seeking objective insights and athlete development.

Getting the opportunity to work alongside GG8 Sports and truly impact the development of future star athletes is amazing, ” says TouchLynk™ founder Daniele Agosta. “Our synergy and alignment on the future of the product will help all athletes get the most out of our analytics solution.”

Craig Pettigrew sums it up this way. “One of the things that worries many kids is not knowing and the fear of missing out. If you stick only with subjective perspectives and don’t compliment those with objective insights that are easy to understand and use, how do you know? How do you know what you are truly capable of? How good are you really? Where can your sport take you? TouchLynk™ now under the GG8 banner will help us help a tonne of kids worldwide at a price point that is even better than what we could offer before, and we are very excited about that!”

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