Dakar, Senegal, Africa

In conjunction with the Senegalese Football Federation, AVL Management is hosting its annual Player Identification event in Dakar, Senegal, March 15-17.

The event brings together 45 top young players from Senegal, Gambia, Guinea- Bissau, Congo, and other West African nations for training and matches.  Many of the players are part of the Senegal U20 and U23 National Teams and currently play in the Senegal first division.  Scouts and coaches from clubs in the US and Europe will be in attendance to evaluate and recruit players. Several players have been invited to clubs in the USA and Europe for trials in past events.

AVL and the Senegal Football Federation have partnered with Golden Gate (GG8) Sports to provide data on all of the players for the event and help track and evaluate players for the Youth National Team programs. GG8 will provide data to the federation along with a system for coaches to track and interact with the players. This unbiased evaluation tool helps the staff fairly and accurately measure the players’ abilities.

With the aid of GG8’s system and platform, players can show their talents to teams that cannot attend the event.  They can compare the African players to their own roster and decide which players to invest in.  This technology makes it possible to scout worldwide without travelling and allows players in remote areas to try out for clubs worldwide.

Senegal are champions of the recent African Cup of Nations and currently the top African team.  The Federation hopes to continue this success through intelligent scouting and development programs like GG8 Sports.

The event scheduled for 2021 will now take place March 15-17, 2022

About AVL Management:
AVL Management is a team of dedicated professionals with years of experience in detecting, recruiting and managing young talented soccer players from West Africa. They are dedicated to approaching their day-to-day with Expertise, Professionalism, and Excellence. AVL Management has a deep love for what they do, and they do it with passion.    www.avl-sm.com

About GG8 Sports:
Golden Gate Sports (GG8) is a global sports data company that uses world-class artificial intelligence to assess youth athletes just like the pros. Athletes and their teams receive an objective evaluation of their skill and performance. Sophisticated AI data software with deep learning algorithms are applied to recorded game footage; no extra equipment is required. The game footage is converted into statistical data points that result in multiple insights for both team and athlete, including a single Player Performance Rating (PPR) number. www.gg8sports.com

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