Golden Gate Sports invites everyone connected with youth sports to go and check out our refreshed website. Over the last couple of months, we have been working to improve our content so athletes, parents, coaches, leagues, universities, and evaluators can better understand what we do. What GG8 has to offer.

On the home page of our new website,, we declare our mission:

Transforming youth sports with world-class data.

We talk about why we do what we do here at GG8.

“As athletes, parents, and coaches, we at GG8 observed and experienced frustration competing in and navigating youth sports. We were frustrated with what youth athletes, including our kids, missed out on because they were stuck in an old system.”

At, we outline seven problems we help solve. Which of the following three problems have you or your kids or your athletes experienced in youth sports?

  1. Subjectivity. Currently, youth athletes are assessed subjectively with limited frequency and consistency by coaches, scouts, and leagues.
  2. Missed opportunities. Athletic skill and a player’s potential are unclear for the youth athletes, parents, and the organizations.
  3. Stagnant development. How do you improve something if you do not measure it?

There is a lot more to learn about GG8 on our website. Have a look and drop us a line.

About GG8 Sports:
Golden Gate Sports (GG8) is a global sports data company that uses world-class artificial intelligence to assess youth athletes just like the pros. Athletes and their teams receive an objective evaluation of their skill and performance. Sophisticated AI data software with deep learning algorithms are applied to recorded game footage; no extra equipment is required. The game footage is converted into statistical data points that result in multiple insights for both team and athlete, including a single Player Performance Rating (PPR) number.

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