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Whether YOUR EVENT is a Tournament, ID Camp, Skills Camp, or a League, GG8 Sports can make it even better.

GG8 is excited to have the opportunity to partner with YOUR EVENT and showcase to the athletes, parents, and coaches a unique and unsurpassed experience when we unite.

Together, we can be pioneers at YOUR EVENT by delivering professional-level data and insights to the youth athletes that compete via GG8 TouchLynk™.

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Imagine the possibilities for YOUR EVENT when you showcase a world-class, cutting edge approach to helping youth athletes progress in soccer. Bring GG8 TouchLynk™ to your next event.

Give YOUR EVENT athletes more than the memories, experiences, and t-shirts. Give them sharable game highlight clips. Give them insights into their performance, skills, and opportunities, along with how they stack up against their peers.

Showcase YOUR EVENT to university, college, grassroots, professional, level coaches and evaluators who are looking to fill gaps on their rosters and build synergistic, high-performing teams.

Fun, insights, and straightforwardness are achieved when you bring GG8 TouchLynk™ and game-changing insights to YOUR EVENT participants. Give them something they will remember, value, and keep them returning year after year.

Contact your GG8 Event Specialist to build customized packages unique to your specific event!

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