Youth Athletes with Game-changing Insights

We help you transform your game and be your best by using your game film to give you objective skill & performance data and video highlights.

What is GG8 and How Does It Work?

Golden Gate Sports (GG8) is a global sports data company that uses stats and data insights to develop youth athletes and their teams just like the pros. Athletes, coaches, and their teams receive an objective evaluation of their skill and performance.

Sophisticated AI data software with deep learning algorithms are applied to recorded game footage; no extra equipment is required. The game footage is converted into statistical data points that result in multiple insights for both team and athlete including a single Player Performance Rating (PPR) number. The PPR and other metrics are added into the GG8 Global Ecosystem that provides the athlete and their organization insights into untapped athletic opportunities.

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Why We Do What We Do

As athletes, parents, and coaches, we at GG8 observed and experienced frustration competing in and navigating youth sports. We were frustrated with what youth athletes, including our kids, missed out on because they were stuck in an old system.

The Problems in Youth Sports We Help Solve

Subjectivity. Currently, youth athletes are assessed subjectively with limited frequency and
consistency by coaches, scouts, and leagues.

Missed opportunities. Athletic skill and a player’s potential are unclear for the youth athletes, parents, and the organizations.

Complicated. Current systems of organization of youth athlete’s evaluations, skill enhancements, and opportunities that may exist for them are overly complex and fragmented.

Unorganized. Skill and potential information about youth athletes is uncatalogued, inconsistent, and scattered.

Sub-optimal. Teams are currently created with imperfect information and a limited network of players that happen to be connected, resulting in teams that could be better and players that could have richer experiences.

Stressful. Competing in a competitive world of unknowns and guesswork is confusing for players, parents, teams, recruiters whom all desire the best possible places.

Stagnant development. How do you improve something if you do not measure it?

What We Offer Youth Athletes and their Organizations

We set out to solve some of the difficulties in youth sports using the same systems the pros use. We build on those systems and the AI the pros use, transform them, and create unique solutions for youth athletes.

GG8 generates the vital fundamental of OBJECTIVE evaluation of skill & performance. It presents that information in a fun, SIMPLE way that results in the greatest OPPORTUNITY for youth athletes and those around them.

We love what we do.

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