Finishing 77
Recovery 85
Physical 66
Pressing 69
Passing 66
Defense 81
Control 83
Dribbling 71


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Revolutionizing the Pathway
to Pro for Athletes and

GG8 Sports' proprietary software combines the world of technology and science to enhance the development of athletes around the world. Leading-edge AI and Computer Vision software provide an unparalleled solution to following an athlete's journey of development while providing an organization a true measure of an athlete's potential.

With an initial focus on the global sport of soccer, the GG8 Player Rating is a fully automatic, 100% Objective digital performance score of the athlete that gives the player, parent, and coach the ultimate overview of a player's development on their pathway to the pros!

Your score in 3 easy steps
GG8 Player Tracking Process

Record your game and upload

No special cameras required, record your game on the likes of a GoPro, "VEO" type sports-related camera, or a Camcorder, and upload the game to our GG8 Sports Cloud-Based Platform.

No Camera? No Problem! – We will send our GG8 Sports Camera Team to capture and upload your game for you!

Automated Player Tracking

AI-powered player and ball movement detection automatically tracks each individual player producing single-player highlight video clips

Application of Computer Vision
and AI Software

Video footage is then automatically converted into 350+ statistical data points for each player using deep learning algorithms to create your unique, 100% objective player profile.

player benefits

  • Access all your scores and data on your mobile phone
  • Real Game Analytics
  • GG8 Recruiting Platform for College & Professional Coaches – Enhance your chance to be seen!
  • 100% Objective
  • Video-based Analysis
  • Technical & Tactical Player Report
  • Digital Career Reports
  • Built-in Virtual Coaching Platform for continued player development.
  • No Wearable Technology required for the player
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coach benefits

  • Global Solution
  • Benchmark Player Development
  • Dedicated cloud-based platform to view data
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Video-Based Solution
  • Detailed Player Reports - 4 Corners Approach
  • Real Game Time Data
  • Player Recruitment & Retention
  • Global Score Comparison
  • Built-in Virtual Coaching Platform for continued coaching engagement with players
  • No Wearable Technology required for the player
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League & Association Benefits

  • Global Solution
  • Globally Recognized Solution to Player Development & Management
  • Progressive Approach to Player Development
  • User-Friendly Digital Platform
  • Global Player Benchmarking
  • Player Recruitment & Retention
  • 100% Objective Comparative data of all teams in your league or association
  • Built-in Virtual Coaching Platform for continued coach and player development.
  • No Wearable Technology required for the player.
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