Youth Athletes with Game-changing Insights

We help you transform your game and be your best by using your game film to give you objective skill & performance data and video highlights.


Value-priced athlete and team objective skill & performance statistics and video highlights!


GG8 PPR. Your Player Rating number (like in sports video games) based on your games played.


The opportunity you deserve at being your best and not missing out!

Kids at all levels of soccer from grassroots to the most competitive want to be the best player they can be, playing on the best teams they can play on.

Unfortunately, youth athletes face hurdles in their pursuit of achieving their best.


Subjective assessments by the athletes themselves, coaches, parents, etc with no additional metrics

Coaching Time Constraints

No time to analyze, notate and share video that will develop athlete and team

Unknown Opportunity

Unclear true skill & potential keep doors hidden to true possibilities from their sport

That’s not right.
Every kid deserves a shot at being their best.
Every kid deserves a chance.

We are athletes, parents and coaches. We get it. We can help.

We are already helping thousands of kids across the globe be their best using objective skill & performance data insights and their game video.  This is the same data the pros get except we built it specifically for youth athletes and their coaches.

The Solution: GG8 TouchLynk

Golden Gate Sports (GG8) is a global sports data company that uses video, objective stats, and data insights to develop youth athletes and their teams just like the pros. Athletes, coaches, and their teams receive an objective evaluation of their skill and performance and all the associated game clips. Game events tagging and extra care in player identification are applied to the recorded game footage; no extra equipment is required.


The game footage is converted into objective, statistical data points that result in multiple insights for both the team and the athlete. This includes a single Player Performance Rating (PPR) number, just like in sports video games. The PPR and other athlete and team metrics are added to the GG8 TouchLynk™ app. GG8 TouchLynk™ also houses the game videos & highlights, all the team data insights & metrics, player ratings, athlete development plans, and team schedules.

How GG8 Sports gets you your PPR and ‘Game-changing Insights’


Games are played and the recorded game video is uploaded at


Video is tagged and turned into objective skill & performance data. GG8 proprietary algorithms are applied to create the GG8 PPR alongside to create the GG8 PPR alongside other simple and meaningful player insights.

GG8 PPR and other insights are accessible in the GG8 Touchlynk™ web, tablet, and mobile app.

It’s easy. Get your ‘GG8 Game-changing Insights’ using GG8 TouchLynk™!

  1. CLICK the ‘GET GG8 TOUCHLYNK™’ button below, Register your team, and Sign in
  2. From the Dashboard, click on the ‘Schedules‘ tab, then the ‘Add Match Schedule‘ button, and PURCHASE your game package
  3. UPLOAD your recorded game video and wait for a notification from us that we are finished processing your game

We are really excited you are here! Like us, you are committed to the difference that objective skill & performance insights and game video highlights can make for youth athletes.

GG8 Athlete Insights and the PPR are game-changing.

They are fun!

And they are going to make all the difference for you!

GET STARTED TODAY. Because if you don’t start, you may never know…

…what you are truly capable of?

…how good you really are?

…where your sport can take you?

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